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Things I have found helpful for coping with my EDS 

Note, I said MY EDS. Because mine is not yours, or my mother’s or anybody else’s, but mayhaps it could be helpful to you or inspire you to find your own way 

Originally posted to STL Ehlers Danlos Support Group August 2013

Mobile Apps 

Apps for keeping track of pills, alerts for repeating plus “As Needed” 
  • Easy Pill for ios (iPhone, iPad, etc) I use every day to remind me to take my meds, and to keep track of my PRN meds for my pain management doctor 
  • Your Medicine 1-2-3 by Sombrero Mobile for Android I have not used, but found for a friend with chronic illness, and it appeared to have same functionality as Easy Pill 
Google Drive 
I keep a copy of my current medications, ICE contacts, diagnoses, surgeries, providers & insurance info on same doc. Separate doc with family history, and one with Advanced Directive. Easy to keep up to date once set up, and now have all that info at my fingertips on my phone. 


Wallet Card
I have a word template for printing wallet cards with critical info, in case I am incapacitated & info needed by first responders. No computer, phone or family member required to access. I polled friends that work in ER’s or as EMT’s, and services with online info or USB devices are not generally used in an urgent situation. So I print, fold, and then slide into a business-card sized lamination pouch. Since medications change frequently, I do not seal the pouch. I have plans with my sister-in-law to create some attractive jewelry with the medical alert symbols and text See Wallet ID, but could also add things 
like Latex Allergy or Penicillin Allergy, etc. - things critical in the first few minutes of treatment. Let me know if you would like me to send you the docx file. 
Medical Alert Bracelet
The emergency services' Star of Life features a rod of Asclepius

The one I currently wear came from the MedicAlert company, where I also paid for online EMR (Electronic Medical Record) with a number or website for a doctor. Since then, I have found that most doctors want to hear it from me, and first responders just don't have the time. I have plans to change to one simply with the Rod of Asclepius with the Star of Life as shown here, pointing to my wallet card.
More info about the symbol & history here:

Pain Chart
Sooooo subjective. Are they asking about my worst pain EVER? Or my least and worst pain for this specific issue? I smile and joke even when I am at a 9+++. I found the blog Hyperbole and a Half and adapted her post about pain to this one page Pain Level Chart. I did take the liberty of toning down the language a wee bit. 

Interesting factoids  

 When I was diagnosed a few years back, I waited for a while to read much about it. Perhaps some denial, or just overwhelmed, but I just didn't do much reading or finding forums. But I do remember one tidbit of info that I will have to look up & link to here. Kids with EDS are sometimes misdiagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, or high functioning autism, as it is now called. One of the big factors is the sensory issues, whether it be the touch of clothing, bedding or humans, reactions to sound or photosensitivity, a kid with EDS doesn't know how to express those intolerances and may be in pain, therefore may not be functioning as typical students. My 12 year old nephew has autism and is barely 
verbal, communicating on the level of a 2 year old, though he very obviously has the intellect of someone his age. Since he lives in CA and I live in STL, I volunteer for the Walk Now for Autism Speaks, sharing my enthusiasm and skills, though these days the actual walk is harder and harder.

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