Sunday, April 19, 2009


Tuxedos: picked out. Here is my sweetie's, and the rest of the guys will have silver instead of pewter vest & tie.

Invitations: Sent! Finally! Already had one returned undelivered!!!

Photographer: Found Liz Sloane of L Photographie (careful, if you click on wedding music will start playing, but at least a good song.)

Florist: Found Jenny Zeman of Floral Jaz (she assisted at my sister's wedding 8 or 9 years ago!)

Mother of the Bride Dress: Purchased this week.

Mother of the Groom Dress: Found weeks ago.

Flower girl Dresses: Found. The flower sash is removable, so we will replace with the 2" silk dupioni ribbon that is the same color as the invitation ribbon, and very close to the bridesmaids color. And the shoes. Mustn't forget
the lovely shoes.

Hair & Makeup: Rebecca Branson of The Electric Chair for Hair. She has been doing my hair for years, when her shop was 5 doors down from my house. I wouldn't trust it to anyone else.

Hair trial run: next Saturday. We will attempt an updo with my short hair. Before we set the date I had a layered bob with a stacked back, so the front is long enough, but getting the back will be a feat of hairspray and amazing prowess on my hairdresser's part. Which reminds me of something to add to my to-do list...veil!

Headpiece: check

Veil: decide on length & material and get it made in the next week.

Jewelry: I've ordered a necklace. We'll see if it looks right when it arrives and then I will find earrings.

Rings: My sweetie has been recalcitrant about wearing a ring, but we will get one for the wedding and he will give it a try. For my ring, I have some ideas, but don't know exactly. We need to get ourselves to the jewelers and figure this out. Soon. The engagement ring came from Paramount Jewelers in Maplewood and we will give them a try first.

Officiant: Chris Saulter of Marry Me in St. Louis. Chris' husband is one of our groomsmen, as my sweetie was in their wedding. I love having someone that knows US perform the ceremony. Their site has been a great help in sketching out the ceremony. To do: sit down with Chris and iron things out, then print ceremony programs.

Flower girls' ring pillows: The site will not allow scattering of petals or such, and with no young gents of the right age available, each of my nieces will carry a pillow with a couple of calla lilies on it and a ring secured to it. The fabric is from my yet-in-progress-gown. I need to get working on those, too.

Menu cards: Just doing a couple for each of the serving tables

Favors: I know what I am going to do, just need to get 'er done!

Music: Ceremony music I am working on, the playlist for the reception is coming along, too.

Whew. I'm tired just thinking about all left to do, but I feel great about how much I have already done. Just no getting sick, or breaking a limb or anything else to put me behind.

Friday, April 10, 2009

If only common law marraiges were legal in Missouri

You've been engaged for how long?!?
me: over 5 years.

Ohhhh. I see....

me: We've set a date twice, and each time one of us lost our jobs. The first time we had the initial deposit check in a stamped envelope when we had to have the conversation that maybe he wouldn't find a job right away and we'd better hold off. Good thing we did, as it took 9 months for him to find a real job.

And the second time?

me: We had just visited a reception location and decided on a date, and actually saying the "W" word again, when bam! My job disappeared.

You must be confident it won't happen a third time, if you are going ahead with it in this economy.

me: Well, it almost did happen a third time. My sweetie and I were just starting to talk about dates again, when the company I worked for outsourced our department. The good news is, the new company hired the entire department. But it shook me up enough to relegate the "W" to the back burner, at least until I felt some confidence in the new employer. This was a year and a half ago.

But still, to spend that kind of money in this economy?

me: Well, my sweetie is the only software guy at his company that knows two of their systems. And I feel confident that my position is not going away. We own our own home (with a low, fixed rate mortgage) and the only other debt is a car payment. So we find ourselves in a better situation than most out there and we are doing our part to keep the economy moving!

You only gave yourself 3 months to plan the wedding. Isn't that a little insane?
me: Two main factors. First, my younger sister may be leaving the country after this school year to teach abroad
for a year or two. And my sister and her girlfriend are must-shows for our wedding.

Second, my sweetie's baby sister is getting married in August. She's been engaged for only a year and a half and there is no way she is having her wedding before me!

Well good luck, and take lots of pictures!

me: Thanks, I will! Here is one of my tiara which came in last week:

Saturday, April 4, 2009

There really is a gown in there...somewhere

You wanna see something scary?

Here is my wedding far!

The sewing neophytes may be apprehensive, but I see the prototype of my dream gown. Yes, it takes a lot of imagination!

The top portion is just a muslin mockup of the underlayer, pinned to fit my torso and with notes scribbled all over (start dart 1" higher). It also has a tiny muslin piece pinned over the left breast in order to get the draping right.

The bottom portion is the crinoline petticoat with a layer of silk organza lining over the top in front, though nothing yet in the back.

From here Dauria will tear the muslin pieces apart and use them to make new patterns, then cut out of the foundation fabric. Once that part is done, we will drape the outer fabric (a luxurious silk dupioni in a yummy cameo color--creamy with warm pink/peach undertones) to get the right draping. After that, hemming and then Andi and I will attack it with a scattering of Swarovski crystals. The final touch will be this brooch at the point on my left waist where the folds all meet!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

World Autism Awareness Day

Celebrate World Autism Awareness Day! Visit for more information.

My nearly 7-year-old nephew has has Autism. His own family can barely stand to travel by car for a few hours, so flying on crowded planes with connecting flights for 6 hours to attend our wedding is not something any of us want to put him through. Just one little, very personal reason why we need to find a cure for autism and fund treatment. Also why I will be participating in the Walk Now for Autism this fall in Saint Louis. A link to our page is to the right, if you are interested in supporting me, my nephew and all of us affected.