Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pictures, as promised

<-- Here is another mockup fitting from a couple weeks ago. Still in the white muslin fabric, but I have the tiara, jewelry & brooch on!

This is a shot of the almost-finished flower girl ring pillows (just need some whip stitching to close.) No boys of the right age, so my twin niece flowergirls will each be carrying a pillow with special small arrangements by my florist. For now, they are showcasing my accessories!

-->And these are two detail shots from more recent fittings, in the actual fabric. The first is the neckline, but unfinished (you can see a rough edge.) The second is the waist/hip detail. Looking at other pictures from this session, I decided not to add pix of me in the dress, because it will ruin the surprise of the end result!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The economy has struck!

Tuesday afternoon I received an odd request to meet one of my bosses at a hotel locations near the office in which I was an embedded contractor. So this morning I go in thinking maybe they have another job opportunity, or some such, but instead I received the news that my position has been eliminated.

So here it is 17 days before the wedding and now I have plenty of time to deal with the last minute details that I was stressing about!

Sorry, no pictures today. But if you know of anyone hiring in Saint Louis, in this economy any leads would be appreciated!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Aaarrggghhh! Prozac, anyone?

It is 23 days and 1 hour till wedding and I just today found out that I have 2 major projects due in the next two weeks!!!111!!omg!!!wtf!!!

By Monday I have to be ready to roll out a new feature to to the massive Excel spreadsheets we use to track everything, and then the rest of the week schedule with my counterparts for them to zip & email me theirs. Then I will make the modifications, test them and zip and email back. Ten times. In addition to my other duties.

And then by the end of the next week I have to enter into a veeerrrryyyy sslloooowwww web database all of the classes scheduled for FY10 in my district. AND come up with the FY10 spreadsheet with requested upgrades.

This in addition to wedding ceremony programs, favors (may fall by the wayside) and beading on my gown. A couple more fittings, another hair/makeup session and could I lose 10 pounds in there, please? Finalizing ceremony, ceremony music, reception playlist.

I think I'm already ha
ving an anxiety attack. Aaak!

What do you think of the hair & makeup trial run? You can't see much of the hair (the hair dresser was shorter--which not that many people are--and shot from an odd angle) and the off-centered-ness of my nose is pretty obvious. But color-wise? Feedback appreciated!