Wednesday, March 4, 2009

At Last!

Cue Etta James!

I started this blog with some great ideas for posts, but then, BAM! My sweetie and I go and set a date for our wedding...only 87 days away! For a more precise count, see the nifty countdown in the panel on the right. We've been engaged for going on five years, so I should have everything planned out, right?

Ummm...not quite.

So while I scramble to nail down the menu, design invitations, find a florist, photographer and cake maker, consider favors and ceremony programs, wedding bands (as in jewelry, not musical group!), find a gown for me and the ladies, and pray for good weather, I don't have much brain space for other blog content. If you don't mind hearing about all that, feel free to stick around. There may be some non-bridal musings along the way, too!

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