Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lists and more lists, and lists of lists

The wedding planning is going pretty well. Last weekend bridesmaids dresses were ordered. That dress is a full-length version of this dress, in the color on the dressform: Deep Navy (though it looks like a dark peackock blue.) With that decision made, everything else starts falling in place following the dark teal & silver color scheme.

My gown is being handmade by my former wedding dress designer boss, Dauria. The fabric is a luxurious silk dupioni or shantung in a color I might call cameo. It does not have yellow undertones like an ivory, but more of a pink undertone, which compliments my skintone better. My mockup fitting is next week, so more about that gown later.

Invitation supplies have been ordered and I am going to print myself. Yeah, I might just be crazy. But I am just not finding anything I like in my pricerange or in the short turn-around time I've left myself. So I am researching fonts and verbiage, so that I will be ready to print when the stock comes in. Many of my friends have offered their help, so I may be calling on them for an afternoon of movies and assembly at some point soon!

I've also set up my hair appointments, for both color two weeks prior (what, you thought my hair was naturally this red?) and for a trial run for my updraft and makeup.

What else is on my list...

Flower girls: Now that I have the bridesmaids gowns and colors picked, I think white or very light pink dupioni or organza gown for my nieces and I will supply the sashes in the dark teal (easier to say that than dark peacock blue!) Looking at the little girl dresses, I'm a little shocked at how adult some of them look. I know some traditions hold with dressing them like little brides, with veil and all, but it's not even that. I mean the spaghetti straps and backless dresses for 4 year-olds! Not at my wedding!

Registering for gifts: Dave and I have lived together for a number of years now, and bought a house 2.5 years ago, so we have most of the "stuff", but I will take the chance to upgrade some of my bargain cookwear. I really do not desire fine china, and I just purchased new dishes when Linens-n-Things was going out of business. Ooh, maybe I'll finally get a stand mixer like I've been lusting after the past few years! I mentioned to my sweetie that we could register for a flat-screen tv or somesuch and he didn't sound too enthusiastic.

Photographer: I've interviewed one that I really liked, and want to check with at least one more before committing.

Wedding Cake: Just not high enough on my list to worry about yet!

I know there is more, but my list that contains each of the lists above is not within reach. Though I don't leave home without it these days. Not much else on my mind these days. Happy

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