Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pictures, as promised

<-- Here is another mockup fitting from a couple weeks ago. Still in the white muslin fabric, but I have the tiara, jewelry & brooch on!

This is a shot of the almost-finished flower girl ring pillows (just need some whip stitching to close.) No boys of the right age, so my twin niece flowergirls will each be carrying a pillow with special small arrangements by my florist. For now, they are showcasing my accessories!

-->And these are two detail shots from more recent fittings, in the actual fabric. The first is the neckline, but unfinished (you can see a rough edge.) The second is the waist/hip detail. Looking at other pictures from this session, I decided not to add pix of me in the dress, because it will ruin the surprise of the end result!

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