Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy 1st birthday, nephew!

My nephew's first birthday this past weekend. SIL had bought the animal figurines for a jungle theme, and suggested chocolate with caramel flavor for the cake, and I took it from there! It turned out tasty, and was fun to make.

I used the 6" and 10" Wilton cake pans, split each layer for homemade caramel sauce plus buttercream filling, iced with medium green buttercream, then piped with dark green then accented with light green. The sand is leftover caramel buttercream that I texturized a bit, then the water is store-bought blue gel. Here is a detail shot:


  1. Impressive! That is one cool cake.

  2. She's so lovely and cute...
    I love having parties for kids.. aeven how siple it is, the would really remeber it all the time.

    Have a very Happy Birthday!!