Friday, April 10, 2009

If only common law marraiges were legal in Missouri

You've been engaged for how long?!?
me: over 5 years.

Ohhhh. I see....

me: We've set a date twice, and each time one of us lost our jobs. The first time we had the initial deposit check in a stamped envelope when we had to have the conversation that maybe he wouldn't find a job right away and we'd better hold off. Good thing we did, as it took 9 months for him to find a real job.

And the second time?

me: We had just visited a reception location and decided on a date, and actually saying the "W" word again, when bam! My job disappeared.

You must be confident it won't happen a third time, if you are going ahead with it in this economy.

me: Well, it almost did happen a third time. My sweetie and I were just starting to talk about dates again, when the company I worked for outsourced our department. The good news is, the new company hired the entire department. But it shook me up enough to relegate the "W" to the back burner, at least until I felt some confidence in the new employer. This was a year and a half ago.

But still, to spend that kind of money in this economy?

me: Well, my sweetie is the only software guy at his company that knows two of their systems. And I feel confident that my position is not going away. We own our own home (with a low, fixed rate mortgage) and the only other debt is a car payment. So we find ourselves in a better situation than most out there and we are doing our part to keep the economy moving!

You only gave yourself 3 months to plan the wedding. Isn't that a little insane?
me: Two main factors. First, my younger sister may be leaving the country after this school year to teach abroad
for a year or two. And my sister and her girlfriend are must-shows for our wedding.

Second, my sweetie's baby sister is getting married in August. She's been engaged for only a year and a half and there is no way she is having her wedding before me!

Well good luck, and take lots of pictures!

me: Thanks, I will! Here is one of my tiara which came in last week:

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