Saturday, April 4, 2009

There really is a gown in there...somewhere

You wanna see something scary?

Here is my wedding far!

The sewing neophytes may be apprehensive, but I see the prototype of my dream gown. Yes, it takes a lot of imagination!

The top portion is just a muslin mockup of the underlayer, pinned to fit my torso and with notes scribbled all over (start dart 1" higher). It also has a tiny muslin piece pinned over the left breast in order to get the draping right.

The bottom portion is the crinoline petticoat with a layer of silk organza lining over the top in front, though nothing yet in the back.

From here Dauria will tear the muslin pieces apart and use them to make new patterns, then cut out of the foundation fabric. Once that part is done, we will drape the outer fabric (a luxurious silk dupioni in a yummy cameo color--creamy with warm pink/peach undertones) to get the right draping. After that, hemming and then Andi and I will attack it with a scattering of Swarovski crystals. The final touch will be this brooch at the point on my left waist where the folds all meet!


  1. I'm in pressed you can put that together! I can't even make breakfast :)

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  3. Well, I'm not making it. Though I have helped make dresses like it in the past! The very wonderful and awesome Dauria is the mastermind.