Sunday, April 19, 2009


Tuxedos: picked out. Here is my sweetie's, and the rest of the guys will have silver instead of pewter vest & tie.

Invitations: Sent! Finally! Already had one returned undelivered!!!

Photographer: Found Liz Sloane of L Photographie (careful, if you click on wedding music will start playing, but at least a good song.)

Florist: Found Jenny Zeman of Floral Jaz (she assisted at my sister's wedding 8 or 9 years ago!)

Mother of the Bride Dress: Purchased this week.

Mother of the Groom Dress: Found weeks ago.

Flower girl Dresses: Found. The flower sash is removable, so we will replace with the 2" silk dupioni ribbon that is the same color as the invitation ribbon, and very close to the bridesmaids color. And the shoes. Mustn't forget
the lovely shoes.

Hair & Makeup: Rebecca Branson of The Electric Chair for Hair. She has been doing my hair for years, when her shop was 5 doors down from my house. I wouldn't trust it to anyone else.

Hair trial run: next Saturday. We will attempt an updo with my short hair. Before we set the date I had a layered bob with a stacked back, so the front is long enough, but getting the back will be a feat of hairspray and amazing prowess on my hairdresser's part. Which reminds me of something to add to my to-do list...veil!

Headpiece: check

Veil: decide on length & material and get it made in the next week.

Jewelry: I've ordered a necklace. We'll see if it looks right when it arrives and then I will find earrings.

Rings: My sweetie has been recalcitrant about wearing a ring, but we will get one for the wedding and he will give it a try. For my ring, I have some ideas, but don't know exactly. We need to get ourselves to the jewelers and figure this out. Soon. The engagement ring came from Paramount Jewelers in Maplewood and we will give them a try first.

Officiant: Chris Saulter of Marry Me in St. Louis. Chris' husband is one of our groomsmen, as my sweetie was in their wedding. I love having someone that knows US perform the ceremony. Their site has been a great help in sketching out the ceremony. To do: sit down with Chris and iron things out, then print ceremony programs.

Flower girls' ring pillows: The site will not allow scattering of petals or such, and with no young gents of the right age available, each of my nieces will carry a pillow with a couple of calla lilies on it and a ring secured to it. The fabric is from my yet-in-progress-gown. I need to get working on those, too.

Menu cards: Just doing a couple for each of the serving tables

Favors: I know what I am going to do, just need to get 'er done!

Music: Ceremony music I am working on, the playlist for the reception is coming along, too.

Whew. I'm tired just thinking about all left to do, but I feel great about how much I have already done. Just no getting sick, or breaking a limb or anything else to put me behind.


  1. We got the invite today! Very cool!

    My DH didn't want to wear a ring either. We have one and he never wears it. Oh well!

    If you need a good jeweler, I know one. He replaced my wedding diamond after I broke it (yes, I broke a diamond. no, I don't know how I did it). He also designed my anniversary band. Let me know if you want his info.

  2. Thanks, Beth. I will definintely keep that in mind if our jeweler (doesn't that kind so very upper crust?) can't come through.

  3. The updo looked gorgeous! I didn't have a chance to talk to you tonight - sadly you arrived as we were leaving - but I immediately noticed your hair and thought - this must be wedding hair practice day!)

    (Please excuse that crappy sentence.)

    I went to watch Paul play hockey after having my hair and make-up trial run. I looked a little out of place at The Rink. :)

  4. OK, somehow I'm logged in as Paul. Oops. This is Sarahlynn. Obviously.