Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blanket O' Fun

If you've been reading my blog for a bit, you've probably noticed that I volunteer for the Saint Louis Walk Now for Autism Speaks and shamelessly beg for donations to our walk team (still accepting funds, eligible for 2009 tax deductions for a couple more hours! HERE)

Recent prevalence studies indicate that 1 in 110 kids in the US are diagnosed on the autism spectrum. My 7 year old nephew is one of those kids, so I tried to think up something special for his Christmas present this year. I am told he is a whiz with the computer and other household electronics, loves Thomas the Tank Engine, and is as fascinated by tactile yummies as I am. (I, however, usually remember to ask before stroking somebody's arm because their shirt fabric is so scrumptious!)

I had the softest baby blanket in my gift closet, plus own an embroidery sewing machine, so starting on the top right is my nephew's name, with colorful crayons to accent. In the corner is a red STOP button:

My 'signature' is on the bottom right with "Love, Aunt Laura" and three 'Ants' with a yellow SLOW button:

I found a design of a small dragon on a computer, and it went on the top left with his nickname and a green GO button:

And on the bottom left are puzzle pieces, used often in promoting autism awareness and signifying that it is time to find the missing piece. The button in the corner of this one is a glass charm with waves of dark red:

If you follow those circle outlines in the above image, you will find this purchased RECYCLE symbol in plush green on green (of course!):

Along the bottom are strips of interesting fabrics: a super-plush sock (I got two pair and have the blue ones on now!), brown saddle leather, black pebbled leather, yellow butter-soft leather, and a silky faux-fur:

The reverse side of the blanket sports appliquéd medallions cut from Thomas and Friends fleece fabric: 

This is a little pocket of palest blush pink "cameo" silk dupioni, a remnant of my wedding dress from this past May. The swirl motif and silver piping echo the tooth fairy pillows that I transformed for my nieces from their flower girl/ring-bearer pillows:

Finally, here is a scrap of the material from my sister Heather, aka Kyle's Mom'a, wedding dress. Super-soft double-sided silk satin with a store-bought rhinestone motif:

Kyle loves it, and I have gotten compliments from my sis and the autism specialist that helps with him.  I briefly saw Kyle via Skype this past week, though he wouldn't talk to me (no surprise.) I was able to see my darling nieces this past spring when they flew in to be in my wedding, but Kyle stayed home with his dad as he does not travel well. Love you, big guy!

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