Wednesday, December 2, 2009

NaBloPo...wait, we're all done with that

Back from my day of rest after the 30 days of my first attempt (success!) at NaBloPoMo. Now what do I write about?

With a hard freeze coming, I have been weatherizing the house: putting away the hoses, turning off the outdoor spigots, draining the rain barrel. I've also been adding weatherstripping to many of the main floor windows, as I've already bought the supplies, and any energy we can save before we spring for new high-e windows in money in the pocket. Actually, money to the bank to pay for the new furnace!

I also balanced the accounts in Quicken, which I bought  yesterday at Best Buy for only $39 (instead of $59). I had done this for almost a year 3 years back, but couldn't recover that file. I like keeping an eye on all the accounts, and knowing where the money is going.

Till next time,

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