Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NaBloPoMo Day IV: Be vewy, vewy quiet. I'm huntin' wabbits--I mean job hunting

Last night after I blogged day iii, I went to enjoy a nice long soak in my jacuzzi tub (big selling point of the house) with a good book (Robert Jordan's posthumous finale of the Wheel of Time series, part 1 of 3.) It was nice. For about 10 minutes. Then, my brain started composing a cover letter for a job posting that I had flagged earlier in the day. Stoopit brain wouldn't understand that this was my wind-down time, and to let go and immerse itself in the story. I tried for another 5 minutes (my bath times usually stretch toward the 1 hour mark,) and finally gave in and got out. 

Almost two hours later, I head to bed after uploading my resume, filling out the rest of the application and saying goodnight to hubby. A half hour later, I am back downstairs at the computer tweaking a few answers and concatenating a cover letter with the earlier resume, as they did not have a place for a cover letter, and this application is just far enough outside my job experience for one to be useful. I uploaded the new resume combo, logged out and went back to bed. This time, after only 15 minutes of reading my brain was ready for some REMs and consented to sleep.

This was only one application but shows the anxiety and stress that goes with the job hunt. I take only small comfort that there are lots of people in my same situation, because they are out there competing for jobs, too. To all others out there unemployed, my condolences and sympathies, but outta my way you wascally wabbit!

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