Wednesday, November 18, 2009

NaBloPoMo Day XVIII: Utilikilts are stalking me

Utilikilts are following me. Averaging once a week for the past month or two, I have talked to someone in a utilikilt, seen somebody wearing one, or had it mentioned by a friend that he was wearing one.

What are Utilikilts, you ask? The Utilikilts Company is "committed to pioneering a comfortable alternative to trousers by producing “Men’s Unbifurcated Garments” (MUG’s)." Think kilts are just girls' skirts fit for guys? Nope. Looking at the website, they are tailored for length and waist like male clothing. Kinda like an historic Celtic kilt, but with modern twists. Check out the Mockumercials on their main page. An excellent way to waste some time.

Warning. If you are too bow-legged or scrawny, these are not the garments for you! To all other men, I urge them towards "Freedom!"

For hitting the links or heading to the office:

For dressing up or bundling up:

When and where do you wear yours?

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