Friday, November 20, 2009

NaBloPoMo Day XX: Gobble, gobble


Let's talk turkey.

The last (and only time) I cooked at turkey, I think I had a national brand mammoth. I have no great memories of it, but no horror stories, either.  Thanksgiving for my side of the family is at my house this year, and I have been contemplating the poultry. I would love to find a fresh turkey from a local farm, but that is looking unlikely at this late point. But at $3+ per pound, can I really justify it versus a 57¢ per pound conglomerate-grown hen?

I've been doing a bit of research, and have found places that offer "heritage" turkeys that are closer to wild than the lab-modified triple-D cup turkeys that are available at the major grocery stores. (See, Dave - I did work boobies into the conversation, though anybody that knows me know that I scoff at a DDD being considered large!) 

I have a $1.99/pound turkey reserved from Baumann's Fine Meats, but I have been told that it is an Arkansas bird, and not particularly heritage or free-range, or anything special. Should I just pick up the cheapy at Schnucks? Shoudl I spend $2.99/pound for the free-range one from Whole Foods?

Maybe I should just give up at cook a nice ham, as I don't even really like turkey!

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  1. My advice: Pick something on the low end of the spectrum, and brine it. CI has good instructions. Brining makes a huge difference, and the turkey tastes wonderful (as does the gravy)! Seriously, no one will notice whether the turkey is organic or free range or ninety years old.