Thursday, November 5, 2009

NaBloPoMo Day V: Stay tuned...

I have a bunch of great posts in mind for this month, but I am either waiting on pictures, waiting for it to be installed, or waiting until I have the time and patience to upload photos and hyperlinks and proofread, and do all the things that should be included in a good post. Instead, I am copying my to-do list, as I only got partway through the top thing today. Ugh. Thankfully, the next two days should be nice weather and I should be able to complete 1 through 3.

My to-do list

  1. Finish sanding back deck
  2. Brush off/rinse deck and let dry
  3. Apply sealant to deck
  4. Install balusters on deck
  5. Install second soaker hose for hydrangea garden before covering with mulch for the winter
  6. Reinstall first soaker hose to allow for new plants and cover with mulch for winter
  7. Grade pathway between hydrangea garden and Missouri Native Plant Rain Garden for path
  8. Measure, cut & attach longer drainpipe for rain garden
  9. Install path fence for rain garden and fill with pebbles
  10. If at any time freezing is imminent, bring in rest of hothouse plants
  11. Plant rest of bulbs
  12. Bad weather options:
    1. clean house
    2. finish converting flower girl pillows into tooth fairy pillows
    3. research Christmas presents
    4. always paperwork to be filed, bills to be paid, etc.
  13. HVAC installation: one of these days Hoffman Brothers will be scheduling installation of our solar panel for our heat pump and they will also be re-ducting some areas for better air flow. More about this project after finalized
  14. Front yard concrete - finalize designs so that once we have income once again, we can get this taken care of before the front stairs crumble
  15. FIND A JOB!!!
Edited to add: 
  • Rake/vacuum/somehow deal with the blanket of leaves & prickly little balls from our neighbor's giant sweet gum tree.
  • Prep for Thanksgiving at our house
  • Winterize the windows with that magic hairdryer film, caulk, tape, foam or a combination of the aforementioned
  • Loose weight
  • Paint the upstairs bathroom
  • Patch the drywall in the laundry room and cover the dryer vent that let in the birds last winter that built the nest that caused condensation to back up in the dryer vent which led us to replace by cutting a hole in said drywall


  1. I thought I was doing well. I planted bulbs. There was some digging involved, but no mulching or edging or hoses or anything (we need all of those things done, but all I did was toss little onions into dirt and cover).

    I was feeling productive. Now I'm feeling inadequate :)

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