Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NaBloPoMo Day XI: blarg.


Having no set topic upon which to blog, I am finding inspiration in the placeholder text I use for formatting my blog: blarg. My hubby uses it often. Many times as a salutation to start an im. At other times an expression of general boredom. He even used it when he named his blog.
Given all of this, here are the definitions according to the Urban Dictionary.
  1. Blarg is a unique word, being the only word that not only means anything you want it to, or is used to show disinterest or boredom, but also is the only word that thousands upon thousands of people have claimed to have made up but has been around since man discovered they could use tools. Hobo Dave and Raymond Donn are amongst those who claim to have created the word, as well as some wierd dude called John who worked in the Games Workshop in Falkirk. I have also been known to use the word frequently in the past. I suppose, the true use of this word is to fill a gap in a sentence where appropriate. If a stoned person says "blarg", it is usually used to replace a word they cannot think of, or which they have forgotten
Blarg yer maw!!
Blarg tae aw da yids and swankers! (Hobo dave)
...Blarg man...

  1. A word used in Red vs. Blue from Rooster Teeth Productions. The word was said by the great destroyer, an alien named crunchbite. The name was later changed to fluffy. The alien that only loves.
Caboose: I think I will call him "crunchbite".
Andy: Ahhh, that’s a stupid name.
Caboose: Ahh, well, I think its better than your suggestion, crunchbite is---.
Church: Caboose, who are you talking to---Holy Shit!
Crunchbite: blarg!
  1. 1. A sigh of complete angst/depression.
    2. A sigh of boredom
1. Blarg, someone in heaven created me only to laugh at my misery...
2. Wow, I am so bored...blarg...
  1. While it is almost impossible to decipher one true and absolute meaning for Blarg, there is a basic understanding of it's fundamental implementations:
    1) An utterance of complete bafflement (as noted many times the author of such bafflement may remain speechless with only the word "blarg" comprehensive for some amount of time)
    see also: confuzlement
    2) A vocalization of complete disgust. A short pantomime of a vomiting sound. In this case you might want to draw the "blarg" out more to sound like a more authentic vomiting sound.
    3) A short sigh expressing sadness and frustration in the same instant.
A] What's that you say? Kathy Bates fully nude, awesome!
B] blarg!
  1. The word blarg has no concrete or absolute meaning. Its meaning is derived all from how you say it and in what mood you say it. If you say it depressedly in a low, melancholy tone, it is synonymous with a sigh or expression of sadness. If it's said in an apathetic tone, it means you're in a state of ennui. If you say it in a rageful voice, it is an expletive, etc. etc.
After setting yourself on fire: BLARG!!!
Bored: Blarg. (said in soft, monotone)
Pissed: BLAAAARG!!!!
Elated: Blarg! (In happy voice)
  1. 1. Originally an expression of angst or confusion.
    2. Sometimes also used as an expletive.
    3. Has also been used as a universal word in place of any other word.
    4. In some circles, Blarg has taken the upon the meaning of Nay, or No.
All those in favor say Shoosh! Those opposed say Blarg.
This is all Blarg" "All I have to say is, Blarg!
  1. From the popular online series Red vs. Blue: Blarg means "yes"
Alien, does blarg mean yes?
See, I told you blarg means yes.
  1. An expression used just before ones life is removed from ones body
BLARG, you stabbed me! I dead!
  1. 1. A combination of "blah" and "argh," generally used to describe boredom or frustration.
    2. Boredom to the extreme of physical pain.
  2. The single greatest word in the history of the universe. Incredibly versatile, can be used in nearly any situation. Also, the exact opposite of hingo.
Blarg! That was awesome!
Awww, blarg, that was terrible.
Blarg is good.

  1. Adv: 1. Yes, 2. No
    Honk Blarg, blarg blarg honk.

And this goes on for SEVEN pages.
Welcome to the world of blarg.

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