Wednesday, November 25, 2009

NaBloPoMo Day XXV: T-day dinner minus 16.5 hours

The turkey is in the brine!

Anybody that has attended a major event with me knows that I make lists and try to prepare for any disruptions with a contingency plan. T-day is no different. I spent the last hour calculating how much prep and execution time each step of each recipe required. Then I lined them up to make the best use of time. Now I am off to bed, because I actually have to set alarm and get up earlier than usual tomorrow. Amazing how your body clock resets when you are unemployed!

Bread crumbs for stuffing becoming croutons?


Starting with the pan, clockwise: sausage drippings for the roux, stuffing wet stuff, eggs for stuffing, dough for apple tartlets,  giblets, butt & neck, freshly squeezed lemon juice, kitty food from stock discards, dinner rolls, butter rub for turkey, stock?


Temporary prep table with cat-safe foods (like veggies), roasting pan and v-rack ready & waiting, salad spinner for cleaning veggies, pile of fruits, apron?

Ready and waiting for me in 9 hours. 
Off to bed now, but first a soak in a tub brimming with salts and aromatics...ummm...gobble gobble!

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