Saturday, November 21, 2009

NaBloPoMo Day XXI: Farmers' markets

I woke this morning determined to hit the local farmers' market to try and find purveyors of local and/or organic produce.

After filling up my travel mug with coffee from Foundation Grounds in Maplewood ( I was waylaid and had to try a new baked goodie: Blueberry & Lavender cheesecake -- yum!) I walked down the street to :

Maplewood Farmers' Market at Schlafly Bottleworks. I got some yummy locally grown granny smith apples and some sweet looking sweet potatoes (they had real dirt on them!) but I think I overpaid. I had lots more on my list, so headed to:

Kirkwood Farmers' Market had very little, as they kicked off their Chrismas Market & Holiday Walk.

<-- So instead of this

It was this -->

And this:

So I finally headed to Historic Soulard Market and struck gold. First, I found parking within a block. Next I walked through most of it, scouting prices and availability. 

I picked out 3 calla lily blooms and 6 spikey red/green things and a bunch of small white/red flowers. Of course I asked the names of each, but promptly forgot them.

All of the fruit & veggies for Thanksgiving dinner are purchased. I found fresh pork sausage for the stuffing and turkey necks for a stock I will start tomorrow. 

My turkey dilemma is solved! I ordered a 12-14 pounder from a poultry booth who gets them from a farmer in Illinois. I will pick up on Wednesday, then prep and start the brining.

All I have left are a few things from the grocery store, and then --oh yeah-- all the cooking and prepping!

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