Tuesday, November 24, 2009

NaBloPoMo Day XXIV: T-day minus 2 days

Turkey stock: check

Homemade dinner rolls: in the fridge for a long 1 1/2 day rise

Rustic Apple Tartlets: crust is ready to roll out and be topped & baked

a) sausage is browned, celery, onions, carrots & apples are sauteed, pan was deglazed with sherry and is now in the fridge
b) challah and hearty white bread cubed and drying in no-heat oven

Groceries: all purchased

Flowers: lovely!

House: was pretty clean, but items 1-5 above have made it a mess once again! Off to soak in tub with good book (Bite Marks, a Jaz Parks novel by Jennifer Rardin) and candles, then to bed. Night, night!

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