Saturday, November 28, 2009

NaBloPoMo Day XXVIII: Makin' a List...

'Tis high holy shopping season, and it has me thinking about what items I put on my list, and what I want my gifts to others to say about me.

Most of the items I actually put on the list I sent to family were either tools or kitchen-related. I did some research on each and included links and some prices. I tried for Made in USA and eco-friendly whenever possible. The tools I use to make our house more a home, and the kitchen is the heart of the home. After doing some volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, I realized that my toolbox (still need one of those!) is missing a few key items.

The items I am getting/making for others are reflecting price shopping and usability instead of the sustainability and US craftsmanship I strive towards. Maybe next year when the budget isn't already stretched. Sorry I can't be more specific, but you never know who is reading!

Finally, here are my pie-in-the-sky wish list items that didn't make it on the Christmas list:
-Upgrade of my Bernina Embroidery Software
-Sooner-rather-than-later: Replace crumbling front porch stairs for safety reasons, and replace walkway to sidewalk and add walkway to driveway (so I stop slipping down the lawn when I go to my car)
-Rotating compost bin, because it would be very useful for yard stuff and kitchen waste (elevated, so that none of those wiggly things I am phobic about can invade)
-A new flat TV, in the 42 to 50" range and hopefully energy efficient
-A console table to put said TV upon, along with places for all of the peripherals
-Sooner-rather-than-later: New windows on the main floor of the house (currently original 1920's with later ugly aluminum storm windows, all of which leak like sieves)
-A second rain barrel, to go in the front of the house for watering plants so decorative this time

-The kitchen stuff has its own list:

  +cabinets that are not white & so show every speck of anything spilled
  +oven that is big enough to fit a half sheet pan - really became obvious when Thanksgiving   dinner was 2 hours late, 'cause I couldn't fit enough stuff in
  +range that heats more evenly than the old electric one, and is easier to keep clean
more pantry room
  +no more holy sheet vinyl or linoleum or whatever that atrocity is -bamboo or cork, please!
  +quartz or concrete (with recycled glass) counter tops, as the current laminate stains too easy and the cracks are ugly and dirty, no matter how I scrub
  +tile backsplash instead of the cutesy wallpaper
  +Dishwasher that doesn't leak out the sides and will fit the larger dishes

-Our triangle-shaped Jacuzzi tub was a big selling point of the house, but I wish it were a bit smaller, so would not use the entire water heater supply when it is cold, saving natural gas and water usage
-A mp3 player hookup in my car. Maybe I need to take a look at the Ford Fusion Hybrid...

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